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Slot machines and video slots: the difference

Although the underlying concept behind playing slots is the same, slot games come in various forms and varieties. There’s a significant difference between modern video slots and the traditional reel machines, and almost every slot has something different to offer, depending on one’s personal preferences.

With their exciting themes and stunning graphics, video slots are incredibly popular today, as they present so much variety. These normally include features such as animated symbols, bonus games, as well as high resolution videos to introduce the story behind the slot game. All slots have a random number generator in common to ensure a fair outcome that is independent of previous spins, but vary with regard to the number of paylines and other bonus features.

Online slot machines are more reminiscent to the traditional reel and fruit machines, which were made up of 3 reels with colourful symbols, operated by a lever. These slot machines have now taken a new dimension online, without losing their vintage feel. When it comes to paylines, these are the most basic types of slots, since traditionally they had just one central line. However, nowadays they can feature multiple paylines and exciting bonuses to spice up your experience when you play casino!

Look out for progressive jackpots when you play casino online!

Sometimes, online slots are linked together to offer what is known as a progressive jackpot. Since many players contribute to this jackpot, you'll find that its amount will continue to grow until one lucky player lands on the winning combination (such as 5 special symbols in a video slot). Winning this progressive jackpot can definitely be life-changing, so make sure you look out for it when you play casino online!

Check out the Paytable

When you play casino slots online, you should always consult the pay table for each game to learn how each particular slot pays out. This will reveal the number of paylines and how they appear on the reels, what the winning symbols are, and how much each combination pays out. Nowadays there are also slots which have taken a different approach, with bi-directional winning lines, and additional paylines that may be activated during the game. Slots are getting more exciting as we speak!

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